Garment Sorting and Distribution Systems

Speed Check's Garment Sorting and Distribution Systems maximize space utilization and are designed to be extremely efficient.



Dispat-U-Veyor is the leader in mechanical sorting conveyor systems. With a capacity of handling 1,200 pieces per hour, sorting up to 36 stations, this unique product has a 40 year record of success. A Dispat-U-Veyor system is easily applied in any garment handling operation and can be used in many light-duty hangered item delivery systems.

Hangers are placed on selected hooks, which correspond to discharge stations. Traveling perpendicular to the path of travel, items are discharged by passing a mechanical probe. It is that simple.

Up to 36 discharge stations can be chosen from one loading position
Up to 2,700 carriers per hour - to maximize productivity
Variable speed drives to 90 feet per minute
Uni-Directional Sprocket Drive located in 180° or 90° curved tracks
Stations mounted from conveyor track
Probes permanently set at picking height
Standardized track & chain - easily expandable with available components
10 & 12 Hook Carriers - for sorting versatility
Screw operated take-up
Optional air operated take-up devices automatically adjusts chain slack, reducing maintenance

Slick Rail Systems

Slick rails systems

Slick rails are static manual garment storage / retrieval systems. "J hooks" hold rails in place and do not need re-adjusting.

Twist Veyor

Spring Wire-wound Tube provides positive transport for hangers.
Direct Drive Power unit turns spiral in place, moving items down the line.
Track mounts on angle suspension frame, easily supported from floor or ceiling.
Forward Speed: Up to 15 FPM with overload clutch included.
Single Direction system, no return line needed.
Left or Right hand spiral twist available to suit application.
Up to 90° Horizontal and 20° Vertical turns, for design flexibility.
1/4 or 1/2 H.P. Drive available depending on length and configuration.


Durable tubular designed conveyor for transporting medium-duty loads
Ideal for steam tunnels, garment transport manufacturing and general material handling
Flexible design with various options available
Reduces labor and engineered for durability