Monorail Transport System

Custom Designed Transport Systems

Coupled with our powerful Rail Management System (RMS), Speed Check offers its sturdy 3" I-Beam rail system providing customers with superior structural integrity in equipment design and installation methodology. Rail systems can be ceiling or floor supported. Speed Check has developed state-of-the-art control packages with its in-house design and programming team to provide manual, semi-automated and fully automated rail systems customized to fit customer’s operational needs. touch screen panels, PLCs and PCs provide detailed graphics ability to collect data and receive useful troubleshooting information for an intelligent, operator friendly interface.

Monorail Features:

  • Reduces Labor & Increases Productivity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Flexible Design to Best Fit Your Building
  • Custom Engineered Solutions
  • 3” I-Beam Welded Track
  • 600 lb. Capacity Trolleys
  • Twin Column Mast Lift
  • Overspeed Brake
  • RMS - Rail Management System (available from manual to fully automated)
  • In-House Installation Crews
  • In-House Programmers & Controls Technicians
  • In-House UL Authorized Electrical Panel Shop
  • 24/7 Customer Support Capability (Telephone, Remote Computer Session or On-Site Technician)

Customer Benefits:

  • Cost Savings with Excellent Payback (usually within 2~3 years)
  • Less Employee Fatigue and Reduces Risk of Injuries
  • Maximizes Cubic Space Utilization
  • Systems Specifically Designed to Meet Your Operational Needs
  • Rigid, Maintains Pitch with Higher Load Capacity and Lower Wear
  • Rugged, Long Lasting with Low Maintenance
  • Greater Structural Stability
  • Additional Operator Safety
  • Improves Accuracy, Reliability & On-Line Support. (This can also be added to an existing system)
  • Knowledgeable & Experienced Factory-Trained Technicians
  • More Specific Product Focus/Knowhow with Faster & More Responsive Customer Support
  • Ensures Quality & Latest Safety Standards
  • Issues Addressed Quickly to Maximize Continuous Operation with Less Downtime

Speed Check Customized Applications

Speed Check Conveyor has been involved in a number of projects that were not related to the laundry industry because the company's products can be easily adapted to fit other applications. For example, Speed Check Conveyors have been used to store and retrieve patterns for an aircraft manufacturer. Speed Check rail systems have been adapted and used in a number of factory applications over the years. The company's conveyors have also been used to assist in the testing and quality control of a life preserver manufacturer.

If you have an idea or a concept that needs some further brainstorming or even design and implementation, contact Speed Check. The engineers and designers will assist you in increasing productivity, maximizing space utilization, using existing facilities, getting faster returns on investment, and lowering maintenance, all with excellent customer service.

Manual Slings (soil and clean systems)

Speed Check Conveyor monorail manual slings are used when manual loading and discharging applications arise and are equipped to be manually opened via a bottom rope hold. The sling size is flexible to suit the application for soil bags (110-130 lbs.) and for clean bags (220-300 lbs.).

Vertical Hoists

Vertical hoists are driven by a 1.5 HP electric motor with a 20:1 reduction gearbox, mounted at the bottom of the unit for ease of maintenance. The electric motor is TEFC rated 230volts/3ph/60hz (480volts/3ph/60hz optional) and equipped with an automatic DC injection brake to insure instant and accurate stopping in case of power or other failure.

Standard specification is 54 ft./min. travel with 300 lb. load capacity, with an option of 109 ft./min. at 150 lb. capacity available. The hoist also includes an operator station with manual setup controls, an emergency stop, and electrical lockout. The motor controller is capable of lowering and raising a full load at preset speeds.

For personnel safety the hoist includes guard railing, hazard area floor identification, "safety yellow" painted carriages and includes a flashing strobe to indicate motion.

Using proximity switches, the inlet and discharge points are infinitely variable by vertical adjustment of these switches. The hoist mounted rail section is rigidly tracked on two vertical guide rails on a single column. It does not use any free-swinging cables or unguided track sections. Presence of bags or input of manual controls trigger movement of the hoist by electronic sensing. All proximity switches, stops, and other electronics are supplied as needed for the designed operation.

Slant Lifts

Powered slant lifts are designed to elevate or de-elevate bags or slings at a 30 degree angle. Operation is by a 1/2 HP electric TEFC rated motor incorporating a 25:1 reduction gearbox. Loads of up to 300 pounds are moved at a standard speed of 39 ft./min.

Conveying mechanism includes double chains running in continuous UHMW plastic chain guides with an adjustable take-up. Pusher dogs, made of P.E.T. plastic, push front and rear trolleys of the sling trolley bar or of a rimmed bag. The amount of elevation is custom designed for each slant lift. A motor controller is included, as is thermal overload protection. Standard voltage is 230volts/3ph/60hz but can be equipped as 460volts/3ph/60hz. All input sensing devices are inductive proximity switch type.

Track Switches (pneumatic)

Electric track pivot switches are designed for left hand, right hand, or 3-way pneumatic operation. All are designed with a built-in guard to protect against the possibility of trolleys not releasing to the designated line. The degree of pivot to the left and right is adjustable and has lockable limit stops. The switch is capable of operating solely under PLC control or by manual override control. The track switch operation is unaffected by dust or lint.

Track Switches (manual pull-cord)

Manual track pivot switches are designed for left hand or right hand pull cord operation. All are designed with a built-in guard to protect against the possibility of trolleys not releasing to the designated line. The track switches are designed to allow for track adjustments as needed. The track switch operation is unaffected by dust or lint.

Trolley Stops (pneumatic)

Electric trolley stops are devices to prevent forward movement of trolleys. This model is electro pneumatically operated, carefully designed for long life of the air cylinder and made of heavy duty materials throughout. Bumpers are of a plastic material so there is no metal-to-metal contact with trolleys, which eliminates expensive wear. The action of opening the stop to release a trolley will also give the initial momentum to the trolley. The stop is capable of operating solely under PLC control or by manual override control. The unit's operation is unaffected by dust or lint.

Trolley Stops (manual pull-cord)

Manual trolley stops are devices to prevent forward movement of trolleys. This model is pull-cord in operation, designed for long life of locking cam plates and made of heavy duty materials throughout. The bumpers are plastic so there is no metal-to-metal contact with trolleys, eliminating expensive wear. Opening the stop to release a trolley will also give the initial momentum to the trolley. The unit's operation is unaffected by dust or lint.

Proximity Sensors ("Trips" and Full Line Detectors)

Speed Check uses Turck® brand proximity sensors, the finest in the world, for its "trips" and full line detectors. Turck® sensors have a lifetime warranty (passed on to you). They require no physical contact and contain no moving parts. The sensors have very high response and switching rates, and are sealed against the hostile environment a processing facility represents.

Monorail Literature

Monorail brochure

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