Frequently Asked Questions

Speed Check Conveyor welcomes your questions and looks forward to discussing your individual projects. Below are a few of the questions most frequently asked by customers.

All Speed Check equipment is designed to meet a heavy duty rugged construction for optimum performance within the caustic and challenging environment of a commercial/industrial laundry. Products are manufactured with quality materials to the highest standards providing maximum equipment life. Top priority to all designs are: operator ease-of-use, personnel safety features and easy/reduced maintenance.

The Speed Check Monorail is an all welded 3” steel I-Beam conveyor. Systems can be ceiling suspended or supported from the floor. All installations completed by experienced in-house staff or highly qualified factory-trained technicians.

Yes, every Speed Check System is a custom solution engineered to meet the client's particular needs. Each is designed to maximize the utilization of available floor and overhead space.
Yes, Speed Check frequently expands systems in size, layout, and controls functions.
Yes, Speed Check's automated controls system incorporates a user-friendly operating system that can be easily interfaced with most data management packages.
Depending on the size and type of conveyor system being installed, the job can take anywhere from several days to several weeks or longer. Many Speed Check ancillary products can be customer installed. When a proposal for your system is created, an approximate installation time will be given.
Typically, businesses with Speed Check Conveyor systems have realized a return on their investment within two to three years. Naturally, the actual ROI will depend on the kind of system you are upgrading.
All Speed Check designs are based on proven technology and engineered for high use environments. Quality components throughout the system provide superior reliability, thereby minimizing maintenance.