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Speed Check Conveyor has specific products and expertise to help the hotel and casino industry, resorts and theme park customers. In the hotel, resort, casino industry alone, Speed Check Conveyor, and its parent company, are presently serving over 200,000 employees.

Speed Check and parent company White Conveyors can provide advanced, cost-effective garment handling. Systems can simplify uniform and locker bag handling, as well as doing it more efficiently. Benefits of the systems can be summarized as: increased productivity, maximum space utilization, fast return on investment and eliminates costly space that that can be used for other things.

The systems are flexible and improve the life of garments, morale and maintenance is low.

Speed Check also has other garment storage products that can help in this industry. Go to the Product section on this website.

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For additional hotel, resort and casino industry products such as locker bag handling, garment handling and storage, and garment retrieval please visit White Conveyors.

A worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing technologically advanced, automated, handling, and conveying systems.
Specialization Serving the commercial and industrial laundry industry for over 60 years.
Markets Commercial and industrial laundries, hotels, hospitals and customized applications.
Philosophy Partner with customers to provide products that help make them more successful.
Process Begin every assignment as quickly as possible, track progress and report it to you on a continuing basis.