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Speed Check Conveyor was established in 1948 as an accessory manufacturer to the dry cleaning and garment industry.

Speed Check Conveyor's name came from a system to check and sort dry cleaning garments. It consisted of color-coded numbered tags. Each customer would get an assigned color and a series of numbers. As the garments were finished being processed, the garments were put on numbered hooks that corresponded to the number on the tag. The tag was then taken off the garment and put back on the board and the customer's garments would be sorted together. Once all the tags were back on the board, they would know all the garments were accounted for. Over the years, Speed Check expanded its product lines to become a major supplier to the commercial and industrial laundry industry, installing its first overhead monorail system in the early 1970s.

Speed Check Conveyor began as a family owned and run company. This lasted for two generations, until 1990. A group of investors, who knew the solid reputation Speed Check had earned in the industry, purchased the company. They positioned the right personnel in key positions to take the company into the future. When Speed Check's primary owner had failing health, Speed Check was sold to White Conveyors Inc. in 2008. A new company, Speed Check LLC was created to become the industrial laundry division of the two companies.

Speed Check can now offer two types of monorail systems. The first being the light rail system that comes with either mild or stainless steel inverted "T" track, previously manufactured by White Conveyor. The second being the heavy-duty three-inch I-beam system. Both systems can be provided with manual or fully automated controls.

Both Speed Check and White Conveyors have had similar histories. White Conveyors was established in 1947 as a conveyor manufacturer primarily to the dry cleaning industry. Like Speed Check, White Conveyors was family owned and operated and remains so to this day.

Since modest beginnings, Speed Check has capitalized on experience to focus on customer service to remain the most trusted conveyor manufacturer in the industry. The company specializes in meeting the needs of industrial and commercial laundries to sort, store or move goods efficiently through their plant. Speed Check has been solving the challenges of customers at every opportunity.

The Speed Check factory is 56,000 square feet and is located in Decatur, GA. Georgia is the base for engineering, manufacturing and support to the laundry industry. In addition, White Conveyors in New Jersey gives Speed Check an additional platform to support customers to keep downtime to a minimum. The combined talents of the New Jersey and Georgia companies allows team members to look at your entire laundry process to offer solutions to increase efficiency and lower costs.

Speed Check's focus has been primarily to serve the needs of domestic laundries. However, the company's reputation and resources have quickly helped the company become a major player in providing overhead rail systems to laundries all over the world. Currently, the company is involved with multiple projects from the Far East to the Middle East.

A worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing technologically advanced, automated, handling, and conveying systems.
Specialization Serving the commercial and industrial laundry industry for over 60 years.
Markets Commercial and industrial laundries, hotels, hospitals and customized applications.
Philosophy Partner with customers to provide products that help make them more successful.
Process Begin every assignment as quickly as possible, track progress and report it to you on a continuing basis.