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    Monorail Systems
    Soiled and Clean Side Storage, Retrieval, and Transport
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    Mast Lifts
    beam lifts, re-elevation lifts, boosters and sling strippers
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    Belt Conveyors
    Sorting and Takeaway Systems
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    Inclined Shuttle Belt Conveyor
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The Worldwide Leader of Commercial and Industrial Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Speed Check Conveyor offers a full line of innovative solutions for the specific needs of the commercial laundry industry. Speed Check's custom solutions are designed to improve productivity and assure profitability. We work closely with our customers to identify and address the unique concerns they face every day. Our solutions are designed to deliver relentless performance with minimal maintenance. For over a half century, Speed Check has surpassed established industry standards for efficiency, reliability, and overall value.

While Speed Check's focus has been primarily to serve the needs of domestic laundries, the company's reputation and resources have quickly helped the company become a major player in providing overhead rail systems to laundries all over the world. Currently, the company is involved with multiple projects from the Far East to the Middle East.

Speed Check Conveyor serves the following global markets with innovative solutions and responsive service:


Industrial Laundry

Soil & Clean Side
Storage & Sorting
Transport Systems

Uniform Rental

Uniform Rental

Storage Conveyors
Assembly & Sorting

A few of Speed Check's Innovative Industrial Luandry Solutions

U-Pick-It. Automated Uniform Deliver System.

Speed Check carries the White Conveyor U-Pick-It Delivery System, which allows you to have multiple pick-up locations for uniform retrieval without an increase in personnel. And because the system is activated by an ID card, no issuing or bag return attendant is needed. Re-loading the system (with clean uniforms) can take place during off-peak times, by a single attendant. The U-Pick-It system delivers advanced, cost-effective garment handling with less manpower.

Fully Automated Monorail Systems

Coupled with our powerful Rail Management System, efficient layout design, and modular components, Through our sister company, White Conveyor, we can provide fully automated monorail systems. No project is too large – no custom request is too difficult. Full range sorting capabilities include: basic sort-to-cart, sort-to-belt, and high speed sort-to-rail.

Uniform Storage Systems

Speed Check's powered storage rails offer route storage by saving valuable floor space. Garments are spaced on the rail to maintain their finish. Each rail is individually controlled manually or with computer touch screen.

Commercial Soil Sorting Systems

Speed Check's Commercial/Industrial Laundry Soil Sorting Systems include linen transport cart dumpers, sorting and takeaway belt conveyors, operator platforms, and sling carts - customized to fit any application.